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The DEQ and EPA require that all remodeling and/or demolition of homes built before 2004 must obtain an Asbestos inspection.

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Where can Asbestos be found?

Asbestos is found in cement pipes, HVAC duct insulation, adhesives, cooling towers, flooring backing, vinyl tile/flooring, fire curtains, base flashing, roofing felt, decorative plaster, high temperature gaskets, acoustical plaster, fire doors, spackling compounds, caulking/putties, and much more.

EPA ASBESTOS 2004 Rule Change

DEQ and the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency, known as the LRAPA have specific rules regarding the handling, removal, and disposal of materials containing Asbestos (commonly referred to as ACM, DEQ, and LRAPA Refulate ACM abatement) to prevent Asbestos fiber release and exposure.

DEQ and Regional Air Protection Agencies have specific rules regarding the handling, removalo, and disposal of Asbestos containing materials commonly referred to as ACM.

Disposal sites require proof of inspection.

  • The inspection results must be issued by a licensed Asbestos inspector.
  • Samples must be tested by a certified lab.

If you perform remodeling, renovations, repairs, maintenance or demolition activities, you will need to be aware of the rules that may effect your ability to perform these activities.

See the 2004 Asbestos Regulations:



How can FASTRAK help?

FASTRAK Inc. is a licensed, certified Asbestos remediation firm, we use certified methods to obtain samples meeting the guidelines of NESLAP, DEQ, and the EPA. All samples are sent to a federally licensed chemical laboratory for analysis.

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